airplantsonline.com was sparked from the fascination of tillandsias. Established in 2016, we are the one-stop shop for air plant enthusiasts. 


We love connecting with nature by participating in outdoor sports and enjoying what the planet has to offer. We all agree that when you're not outdoors, it's nice to have some greenery around to connect you with nature. When we discovered air plants we immediately became fascinated. These plants could grow pretty much out of thin air. They latch on to trees and get their nutrients from the air. Therefore they require no soil, you can put them anywhere around your house.

They are the perfect houseplant and it's fun to discover all the different varieties of tillandsia air plants exist. We hope you we can help you start your air plant collection here with us!





We work with a small group of air plant farmers around Southern California. 

Southern California has the optimal climate to grow healthy, strong air plants. With the help of local air plant farmers, we supply the healthiest air plants online. We ship nationwide from our small space in Irvine, California. 


With the help of USPS and UPS, airplantsonline is able to ship you air plants cheaply. 

Our shipping operation works around the clock to fulfill your order. If a package is severely delayed due to the shipping carrier, or damaged upon arrival, please contact us directly. 

If you are not satisfied with your item, simply return it within 14 days for a full refund on the product